Leumi Bank branches in Beer Sheva

Bank Leumi Branch Addresses And ATM’s

Including Branch Codes, Zip Codes And Branch Phone Number in Beer Sheva City

Branch Name: Asakim Beer Sheva
Branch code: 607
Address: ben zvi asakim 10
ZIP Code: 8489328
Phone: 076-8660799
Fax: 076-8660789

Branch Name: neve zeev
Branch code: 734
Address: yohana jabutinsky st  13 neve zeev beer sheva 13
ZIP Code: 8425815
Phone: 03-9545522
Fax: 077-8083734


Branch Name: haye’elim
Branch code: 775
Address: shederut haye’elim
ZIP Code: 8472248
Phone: 03-9545522
Fax: 077-8083775

Branch Name: beer sheva
Branch code: 921
Address: ahalotz beer sheva 90
ZIP Code: 8422172
Phone: 03-9545522
Fax: 077-8083921


Branch Name: merkaz hanegev
Branch code: 922
Address: dereh metzada merkaz hanegev 6
ZIP Code: 8435803
Phone: 03-9545522
Fax: 077-8083922


Branch Name: shderot hanesyim
Branch code: 924
Address: shderot hanesyim shderut rager 11
ZIP Code: 8489506
Phone: 03-9545522
Fax: 077-8083924



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